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When Your belly hang out farther than your dick do.
Bitch cant even give him head he has dick doo.
by Richard Cranium March 08, 2003
If your belly sticks out farther than your penis does then you have a dickdoo
if your belly sticks our farther than your dick do
by dmessxpress June 19, 2003
If your stomach is so big that when you look straight down you can't see your own penis, you have a dickdoo.
Look at that fatty, that's a dickdoo if I've ever seen one.
by King Rage February 26, 2006
a stupid person, someone who does something so stupid you just have to call them a dickdoo.
"You are so stupid, you're acting like a dickdoo"
"What's a dickdoo?"
by Rocky. L November 14, 2007