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simply a dick without a father i.e a dildo. often used as an insult.
omg renee i was going through your room and i found this dick bastard here.
by thehora July 10, 2010
A mix between a sonovabitch and a lame-ass jerk. Usually found trying to impress people with non-existent knowledge, material possesions, etc. A wholly unlikable person because of his arrogent yet ignorant attitude.
"Hey cowboy, I have a big boat that I use to pick up the hottest chicks. I'm soooo smart."

"No, you sir, are a dick bastard."
by Pork King May 01, 2003
A person who is widely known as both a dick and a bastard.
"Yeah I know, he's a complete dickbastard!"
by Lancelot56 January 18, 2010