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A common alement from fucking an anthill. Then then are spread from host to host during intercourse via ejaculation.

Blood, globs of semen, ant carcasses are signs of dick ants.
A common case was on 4chans section called /b/ or random where anonymous posted asking for help. The post indicated he knew nothing about dick ants.
"Bitches don't know bout' my dick ants."
by anonymousTyTy August 25, 2011
A flaming latino homosexual who loves when a white homosexual takes a dump on his handlebar mustasche
We saw so many dickants at the mall today!
by jaxercise December 27, 2008
Something /b/ shouts during sex.
A /b/tard having sex with any gender may shout, "DICK ANTS," at any given time, but mostly towards the end of intercourse.
by Twoeightylover November 13, 2007