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a friend who is really fun sometimes but a douchebag most of the time so hanging out with them is a roll of the dice
Junior: "dude this is boring"

Kevin: "lets hang out with Young?"

Junior: "nah he's a dicebag. I dont wanna ruin my night"

Kevin: "let's just get high"
by efro15 December 01, 2009
to fit an non specified amount of Call of Cthulhu Dice into one's foreskin.

Towhit, bringing a fully loaded pink dicebag to a D & D session.
Katherine: Hey, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Yeah?

Katherine: I couldn't help but notice that you have placed seven multifaceted number shapes into your foreskin. Explain.

Jimmy:Well you women have got Velvet Goldmines and us men have dicebags. This is mine. Revel in my splendor,bitch.

Katherine: Twat. (Walks away to go spend his money online.)
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish May 29, 2008
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