Dirt or germs, usually on on a door handle, bathroom or public place.
"Hey, can you get the door for me?"
"Are you kidding?! It's full of dibbies!"
by JJMAR!E August 24, 2009
Top Definition
1) Cool in a strange, weird, random way. Coined by blogger by the name of Dibsy
When you experience a day even SEMI related to flying ninjas, laser shooting bears, and/or vampire clowns, you KNOW you've just experienced what is known to several Bloggers as a very dibby day.
by Alycon July 26, 2009
A game that can be played at any time with friends in which you "claim" a hideous woman as your own. When there is a group you call "double dibbies", "triple dibbies", etc. Some places are off limits to the game of dibbies, for example, Wal-Mart, the state fair, thrift stores, etc. (Basically anywhere that you would basically not stop calling dibbies)
(An incredibly obese woman rides by in her electirc wheelchair)
by Karl N September 03, 2007
A fangirl-dreated nickname for Dib, the main protaganist of the cartoon Invader Zim. See also Dibberz or Dibbykins.
"Liek omg Jessie did you see IZ last night? I was sitting there thinking, "Poor Dibby!" Why does everyone torture him sooooo much?"

"TBH I don't really like ZADR all that much, there are too many fics where Zim rapes poor Dibby. Of course no-one can have that."

by TheDomiOfDoom April 14, 2010
A person with a cowish figure
A DIKE (der der)
A complete an utter arse.
UGH you're such a fucking Dibby!
*gasp* I cant believe you just said that to me!
by RayRay/Kenzie January 23, 2012
An expletive denoting extreme disappointment and/or disgust.
"Someone just farted."
"Awww, dibby!"
by Zambo October 06, 2006
1: Synonyme for Diablo, also for the game Diablo, or Diablo 2.
2: Nick sometimes used by inhumanly skilled gamer.
1: You played dibby lately?
by Pac July 02, 2004
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