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Dirt or germs, usually on on a door handle, bathroom or public place.
"Hey, can you get the door for me?"
"Are you kidding?! It's full of dibbies!"
by JJMAR!E August 24, 2009
1) Cool in a strange, weird, random way. Coined by blogger by the name of Dibsy
When you experience a day even SEMI related to flying ninjas, laser shooting bears, and/or vampire clowns, you KNOW you've just experienced what is known to several Bloggers as a very dibby day.
by Alycon July 26, 2009
A game that can be played at any time with friends in which you "claim" a hideous woman as your own. When there is a group you call "double dibbies", "triple dibbies", etc. Some places are off limits to the game of dibbies, for example, Wal-Mart, the state fair, thrift stores, etc. (Basically anywhere that you would basically not stop calling dibbies)
(An incredibly obese woman rides by in her electirc wheelchair)
by Karl N September 03, 2007
A fangirl-dreated nickname for Dib, the main protaganist of the cartoon Invader Zim. See also Dibberz or Dibbykins.
"Liek omg Jessie did you see IZ last night? I was sitting there thinking, "Poor Dibby!" Why does everyone torture him sooooo much?"

"TBH I don't really like ZADR all that much, there are too many fics where Zim rapes poor Dibby. Of course no-one can have that."

by TheDomiOfDoom April 14, 2010
A person with a cowish figure
A DIKE (der der)
A complete an utter arse.
UGH you're such a fucking Dibby!
*gasp* I cant believe you just said that to me!
by RayRay/Kenzie January 23, 2012
An expletive denoting extreme disappointment and/or disgust.
"Someone just farted."
"Awww, dibby!"
by Zambo October 06, 2006
1: Synonyme for Diablo, also for the game Diablo, or Diablo 2.
2: Nick sometimes used by inhumanly skilled gamer.
1: You played dibby lately?
by Pac July 02, 2004