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Homer Simpson's version of Jesus.
"I can't be a missionary, I don't even believe in Jebus"
by Pac November 21, 2004
1: Dutch, "orange"
2: Name for the Dutch National Soccer Team
The Dutch supporters (the Legion / Het Legioen) all dress in orange at matches played by the Dutch national team. Famous for being very much highly supportive at matches.
by Pac July 02, 2004
It is a gun shot or it could mean to have an orgasm or have sex.
"I lay you flat on your back blllattt take that" -50 cent-

"Yo I Blllattted last night?" -Slim Seany-
by Pac November 20, 2004
shmau means everything in this world
This sandwich tastes like shmau
by Pac June 26, 2004
Mocking; hopefully offensive name used for gamers playing the Vanu Sovereignty empire in the MMO game Planetside. Vanu soldiers are dressed in purple.
Stinkin' barneys are at it again, hacking our bases. I hate those spammers.
by Pac July 02, 2004
A silly Canadian, Invader Zim loving, moose con-artist with a knack for fine wine and cheeze-its while sitting in the snow naked with a luger pointed at his "gir"
"One time I saw TOTTORO on his porch eating his cheeze-it's and wine
by Pac August 22, 2003
Exclamation after unexpected event. Only typed, never vocal.

Often used in certain gaming communities.
Person 1: you were supposed to be at event, position, etc m8, we're waiting
Person 2: plip
Person 2: omw
by Pac June 30, 2004

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