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Teenagers who usually wear cut-off camo toughman gloves. They make fun of scene kids even though they are scene-core as HELL.

They enjoy wearing straight-legged Levi jeans w/ skate shoes and shirts of bands that they don't even listen to or can't name any one of their songs. Also wears a camo mosh hat everyday.

Also known for complaining about every little thing and being very sensitive.
He's such a diaper baby that he sucks at life.
by Scrotus June 13, 2006
A man who has matured in years, but not in an emotional sense. If his inflated, fragile ego is crossed, he looks like he might have a crying fit, or might lapse into silent-treatment mode, or have an embarrassing tantrum in one way or another, not unlike that of an infant or a small child.

Usually the cause of his 'distress' is his significant other when she (or he) is not dedicating 100 percent of her (or his) time and attention to to the Diaper Baby. Sometimes 99.9 percent of time, attention, and flattery is not enough for a Diaper Baby. His infantile disposition can also be triggered by unpleasant yet petty and otherwise insignificant interactions with others, such as with co-workers; when receiving unsatisfactory customer service; when his dog doesn't gaze at him with a look of unconditional love 24/7, etc....
Husband: We should go out for dinner tonight. You deserve a break from all of this stress and I would love to treat you to something nice. Just us two, alone. I miss you honey. I need your love.

Wife: Sorry I've been gone all day, but I need to stay home and call people to let them know my mother just died. I also need to make her funeral arrangements. There's alot for me to deal with right now.

Husband: You never want to do anything with me!!! You don't care about me. You never did! This marriage is a joke!

You're only in it for the money!

Wife: I make more money than you and we went out three times this week before my mother died this morning.

Husband: I don't want to hear it! You don't love me. You never loved me!!!!

Wife: (to herself) Oh god, he's being an F'ing Diaper Baby again.
by oscar t.g. September 06, 2011
One who is born best described by any word combined with shit.
Shithead; dipshit; monkeyshit; shit for brains; shitlicker; shitpusher; shiteater; shitstick; fatshit; or just plain a shit.
Your Mom's a diaperbaby.
Dude, you're such a friggin' diaperbaby.
by OX-KRACKHEAD April 22, 2006

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