currently being overrun by asians, mostly korean a-holes, impossible to drive around and residents think its the best city in the area, when in reality it has just as much crime thanks to neighboring pomona and rowland heights. Living in Diamond Bar gives you an opportunity to deal with neighbors that are generally unfriendly and don't want to be part of your life whatsoever. Its almost impossible to drive on Diamond bar blvd and arrive at your destination in a quick manner. The 57/60 interchange has bad traffic and causes a-hole commutors from other cities to drive through the city clogging up roads supposedly for RESIDENTS. The La county sherrif likes to rob the residents of their money by setting speed traps and pulling people over for no apparent reason. If you are looking at moving to diamond bar, don't! If you live in DB, time to move out while you can!!!
driving in asian city (diamond bar), dealing with LASD, horrible neighbors, rich a-holes, commuters that clog traffic
by Ma77hew92 January 07, 2010
Top Definition
Place near LA that is filled with asians
There are so many damn asians living in Diamond Bar. They are like freakin ants.
by Brian Noh March 06, 2005
Diamond Bar is a typical suburban bubble. Abnormally clean and postiviely nothing to do. Except loitering at the Starbuck's on Grand. If you're that desperate.
Diamond Bar's population is about half Asian (mostly Korean and Chinese) and the other half is mostly white. Recently, more white families have been moving to areas even less desirable than Diamond Bar. Areas like Fontana and Corona. This is due in part to a) the increasingly high cost of living in Diamond Bar and b) many white families would like to live in areas with more white families and less Asian families. Because they fear yellow fever. It's like what happened in the mid-twentieth century when white people fled from urban areas to "escape" the influx of blacks. That's Diamond Bar.
Girl 1: Let's go hang out at Starbucks and sit on the curb and smoke cigarettes. It'll be totally bad-ass.
Girl 2: Cool.
Boy 1: Ok. Hold on, I have to ask my mom for some money first.
by anonymous anonymous June 09, 2005
A small town near LA with an overflowing Asian population. Recently, white families have moved out becuase they cannot compete academically with the hardened sweatshop-whipped asian kids. Nothing interesting ever happens in Diamond Bar because the whole population is busy playing WoW. Occasionally, there are Asian kids playing around with fireworks in public or private places. There is also a lair of witches, which people commonly refer to as 'The Library', which is a common misconception, as the old, obese ladies who work there are actually witches, disguised as librarians so they can attract and eat children.
Guy 1: Yo dude. Let's go chill at 'The Library' in Diamond Bar. That would be badass!
Guy 2: No screw that. Let's go set off some fireworks!
Guy 3: You guys are both stupid. Let's just go home and play WoW until our eyes fall out.
by TackyTheRetardedPenguin August 08, 2008
filled with koreans, a.k.a. Korean city. koreans = fags. korean city = fag city. The chinese ppl there are also korean washed, sucks, they think fighting is fun, they think they're so cool. pulling some gay korean pride. see korean pride on UD.
PandaBoyx: LOL ima get jumped when i go to diamond bar for posting this up. stupid conceited koreans.
KelvinMak: seriously, har har tharsdays?
by pandaboyx September 24, 2009
A place in the middle of nowhere, where the only thing to do is to go to the mall in brea or the shoppes in chino hills.
Girl 1: there's nothing to do in diamond bar! It's all Asian

Girl 2: ikr we should convince your brother to drop us off at the mall
by All white all around October 24, 2014
A city somewhat near LA that is full of asians mostly Chinese and Korean. Many of the Chinese are "Korean washed". The Korean or "korean- washed" girls there mainly talk about subjects such as: Boys, Korean pop stars/band, Hair, Beauty, Cosmetic products, who they like/think is cute, who the dont like, pencils/pencil pouches and only along these subjects. They are somewhat boring to talk to but there are also many great people in Diamond Bar. Most of the dweller's "fun" rely on going to the Diamond Bar library where these old mean "ladies" are, going to seven eleven, round table, el pollo loco, etc. after school. It is not a bad city but can be somewhat boring after a period of time.
Person 1: "Let's go to Diamond Bar!"
Person 2: "Nah. There's nothing to do there. I'd rather hang at the Shoppes in Chino Hills"
by LittleWang69 May 30, 2011
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