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n. 1) ice water (for drinking)

2) water (for drinking)

note: In the wake of all of the "blingbling" and songs about "Cristal" and other name brand liquids, diamonade offers an economic solution to your thirst needs.
" .expected tp stay.You have to deal with them bills you've neglected to pay. I didn't like my wheels, went and got an Escalade, but now I'm more broke but i got something catchy to say 'F- pearly whites, I wants an ice capade and a platinum chain peronalized licence plate!' Whem life gives you coals, make diamonade." from "Diamonade", a sarcastic hook about the mindset of fashion rappers. One Big Love album M-Z-O '08
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 18, 2009
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