dial is an acronym for the tropics and is laid backwards

We are go to a dial this winter.
#kiss #death #shrink #brain #sex
by goatbull March 25, 2013
A universal word:
1. To pick up a girl.
2. To hang out with a rat. See definition for rats
3. To bang a rat. See definition for bang
4. To pick something up.
5. To go somewhere.
1. I dialed this hot little city rat last night at the club.
2. I stayed in last night and dialed a rat.
3. I dialed my cockazoid right in this rats snatcharoo. See definition for cockazoid and snatcharoo
4. I dialed a new car the other day.
5. I dialed to the bar last night.
#go #get #pick up #do #hang out
by Dial Master July 25, 2008
hooking up, making out with someone.
I dialed this hot chick from Torrance last night
#scamming #hooking up #kissing #sex #petting
by Jazzica June 27, 2006
The condition of a loading and unloading area of a ski lift.
Dial your ramp before you bounce.
#dialed #smooth #icey #work #shovel
by Brian Hanna December 05, 2005
A common misspelling of the word dick while texting.
Matt: Hey fucktard! i told u i didnt need ur opinion!

Tim: Matt why r u being such a dial?
#dick #penis #dickwad #asshole #jerk #douche
by Ready-Liver May 12, 2009
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