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4 definitions by WBT

Arguably the best wide receiver on the planet today. Attended Georgia Tech for three years. Won the Biletnikoff (best WR) award his junior year. A top 5 pick in the draft. Also referred to as "The Truth".
The ACC is glad as hell that Calvin Johnson entered the NFL Draft.
by WBT January 24, 2007
1. When something is perfect.
2. A substitute for cool.
3. Can be used in reference to an athlete performing well (usually basketball or baseball).
1. You seen the lower body on that girl? That thing is dialed in.

2. You gotta get up to that party, it's gonna be dialed in.

3. Eric Gordon is dialed in right now.
by WBT February 27, 2008
1. In sports...someone very beast-like. A very good player. A big, massive player. Someone that you don't want to mess with. Usually a defensive lineman.

2. To deisel meister someone is to run them over (football) or dunk on someone (basketball).

3. A big girl. Usually man-like.
#44, that defensive end for the Wolves, is one badass Deisel Meister.
by WBT January 24, 2007
21 inch rims. Usually gold.
I got my own slab with Calvin Johnsons on it. If you don't know the lingo, them 21's homie.
by WBT September 08, 2007