Highly HIGHLY addictive game. I have been playing for around two years, my friend has been playing for about 4, and I have alot better items than him. He has to ask me for stuff. I spend most of my day on that game, from the time I get home from school to the time I go to bed. (2:30 PM to 11:00 PM eastern time) Only time I ever get off that game is if I have something better do.....like have sex.
Me- I'm playing Diablo 2, wasting my life, losing grades.....but I'm having fun.
Girlfriend- Want to have sex?
Me- Oh yes....after I finish this run....
by Ryan......or is it? March 22, 2006
1. A very addicting game that will waste a lot of your time/money/life.

2. A game to get humiliated on by people who play Diablo 2 24/7.

3. The Devil himself reincarnated into one of the most addicting games in the world.

4. the killer of sex!
Guy 1: Dude, I stayed up playing Diablo 2 all night

Guy 2: You need to get laid.

Guy 1: Your just a jelous nub cuz i got a perfect torch and 80 hrs

Guy 2 : No seriously, you need to get laid.
by I Riot Quiet November 06, 2007
The means in which you will spend the next 5 years of your life in pathetic seclusion with nothing but your red bull and a lifetime of back problems that will develop from countless hours of sitting in an uncomfortable low-backed chair.

The means in which you will lose your dignity,your girlfriend that you don't have, your sanity, your perception of the real world, and your normal sleeping habits.
"So what did you do this weekend?"
"I could use my computer to distort a picture of your face to look like Baal."
"Or maybe Mephisto."
"Dude, something is wrong with you.....very wrong."
"Did you just hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"I think somewhere a gem just dropped.....It sounds like a perfect Topaz....yeah topaz...hehehh. Diablo 2.."
by youisafurryz October 01, 2006
I used to play Diablo 2 quite a lot about 4 years ago. It can be lots of fun unless you play it too much, in which case, it'll get boring and repetitive. But if you just play it in small doses, the repetition side effects could be minimised.

It's a shame when people forsake their friends, loved ones, family, education and careers just to play this game. Why the hell would you do that?
In Diablo 2 multiplayer, I used to be an asshole and go hostile (hostile is where you can duel other players) when the others just wanted to do their quests, haha. But shortly I changed my ways and actually worked with people. It can be fun when you play with others, just don't use it as your staple diet in life.

Don't blame the game for addiction problems, blame the idiots who let this game run their lives.
by Lord Desolator March 25, 2006
1.The game that you called your "Homework" when your mom asked what you were doing.2. another word for the devil.3. The game that made you lose your girlfriend/boyfriend.4.A hit classic that is still played by millions today created by Blizzard Entertainment.
Mom:Are you doing your homework? You: Yea... mhmmm, oh crap I lost my trang! Mom: what was that, are you playing the gosh darn Diablo 2 again? You: No, I said I accidentially used slang!
by Shomozo February 01, 2008
congratulations blizzard you have created the most addictive game EVER! its a combination of crack cocaine and heroin

and i play it

someone help me please
hey wanna go to a party get drunk and fuck bitches?!
Me: no i'm going to stay on my computer and play diablo 2.
by EPIC_man April 21, 2008
Addicting game (quite much more than that of the addiction of cigarettes, heroine, crack-cocaine/crack/cocaine)that will suck your life away to your small chair and large blanket that sits next to your computer, which you wait to return to while sitting on the shitter while you should be doing finals T_T. <-- basically me, but not that bad, I still have friends, and my blanket is in the laundry
Typical Diablo 2 Chat (Got this from IRC, yeah its real):
01:02 <CDC> how much is a scl unid?
01:02 <the445566> 33fg
01:02 <the445566> or
01:03 <the445566> 8hrs
01:03 <the445566> or something
01:03 <the445566> lawl
01:03 <CDC> damn thats cheap az
01:03 <h0bby> can anyone kill my ancients hell?
01:03 <mister_d2> gn?
01:03 <h0bby> vat1/1
01:05 <mister_d2> brt
by Leonard T June 18, 2007
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