The means in which you will spend the next 5 years of your life in pathetic seclusion with nothing but your red bull and a lifetime of back problems that will develop from countless hours of sitting in an uncomfortable low-backed chair.

The means in which you will lose your dignity,your girlfriend that you don't have, your sanity, your perception of the real world, and your normal sleeping habits.
"So what did you do this weekend?"
"I could use my computer to distort a picture of your face to look like Baal."
"Or maybe Mephisto."
"Dude, something is wrong with you.....very wrong."
"Did you just hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"I think somewhere a gem just dropped.....It sounds like a perfect Topaz....yeah topaz...hehehh. Diablo 2.."
by youisafurryz October 04, 2006
A combination of crack cocaine and herion that was chemically bonded and then distributed across the world on CDROMs in 1999.
Diablo 2 ruined my life
by Blizzard sucks October 18, 2006
a game that i got addicted to and played till 8 in the moring till 9 at night. untill i broke out of its addicting spell and snapped the cd.
break the diablo 2 addicting spell bye snappi8ng the disc.
by sound_chaos May 02, 2005
It’s a brain washing, time consuming evil vile game that should go back to the tenth layer of hell where it originated. Just don't play the game period. It will ruin your life physically, mentally and emotionally.
Dedicated to my very good friend jojo (stop playig that damn game)
My good friend jojo is the perfect example of what and why you shouldn't play diablo.
I have not to say more except that it will cause you to sit at your computer all day from 12:00 in the afternoon till 5:00am.So again don't play the fliping game.
by nohe August 17, 2005
A MMORPG type game made by Blizzard intended to frustate players into addiction. The game provides a friendly online environment where people curse, annoy, scam and beg each other all for the sake of items. The goal of the game is to level characters and equip them with skillful items, which help kill monsters faster for more items which in turn provides more characters with abilities acquire better items. Gameplay usually results in prolong periods without food, sleep or trips to the bathroom. Can be attributed to social, behavioral and academial problems. Players who quit out of boredom usually suffer relapse after rest.
hardcore diablo 2 player: OMG!!1 i just found a perfect gf!@#
non diablo 2 player: huh? really she hooked up with you??
hardcore diablo 2 player: huh? wtf?
non diablo 2 player: that hot chic from the gym?
hardcore diablo 2 player: uh.. nvm
non diablo 2 player: ??

(gf is an acrynom for grandfather, a rare sword in the game)
by I-I0I30 October 25, 2005
Hack and Slash game made by Blizzard. Highly addictive.

Player assumes the role of any one of seven different combat classes: Amazon, Assassin, Necromancer, Barbarian, Paladin, Sorceress or Druid. You distribute stat points and skill points as you level up and complete quests. Eventually when you make it to Hell difficulty the fun begins and you have to play smarter.

The online aspect allows players to move faster through the game.("rushing", "cow levels", "baal runs") So having to do the same quests over and over with new characters is usually not a problem online. Also you can play with real life friends, which is very fun, that is until a rare armor drops and then hell breaks loose.

Dueling others is usually kinda lame as there is always some young punk griefer who's played for years and has godly equipment that his level 15 uses to kill your level 50 in the blink of an eye. Also hardly anyone knows how to enjoy dueling or listens to specific rules(like no potions).

(I recommend at least giving the game a try. It should be very cheap in any local store, or you can order it online.
Javazon_ZapUrAzz defeated NovaNecro_BoneUrAzz easily, but couldn't even touch TeleBarb_AxeUrAzz. Then Hammerdin_ZealUrAzz showed up and owned all three of them.
by TrapperSin_ShockUrAzz August 22, 2005
Awesome fucking game. I highly advise buying this game with the exspansion pack and getting to know the game.

It can be tough at first but you'll catch on.
D2LOD is the shit.

Really hott, horny, popular chick: Hey u wanna see if we can take each others cloths of with our teeth?

Anonymous D2 player: D2LOD. D2LOD. D2LOD. D2LOD. D2LOD.

Really hott, horny, popular chick: Is that a yes or no.

Anonymous D2 player: D2LOD. D2LOD. D2LOD. D2LOD.
by Dcurr March 30, 2005

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