slang for did not or didn't
oh no you d'int!

commonly used when a suburban girl is posing as urban
by dub J May 30, 2007
Top Definition
This is the proper spelling of the word "didn't" (a contraction of the phrase "did not"). Everybody whose anybody pronounces "didn't" like "di'n't".
Guy 1: yo man I just poped a cap in yo mom's ass
by dan303 April 24, 2005
contraction - did not
"No I dint!"
by Shadow's Pawn November 28, 2003
the word dint is used to describe any man who is acting like an asshole. or when any person is just being down right douche.
James: OMG nicole, sydney told me that you hate me..
Nicole: She never said that you big dint.
by sydneyymcmanuss July 13, 2008
a non-gendered derogatory word combining the words "dick" and "cunt" to form di-nt. This allows the word to be used without gendered connotations.
"I hate your stupid dog. It looks like such a dint in it's doggie-costume and doggie-booties."


"my manager has been giving me the run-around regarding a promotion for that past month. I'm about fed up with their dinty antics. I just want an answer"


"We went to some up-scale dintish bar where no one would give us the time of day."
by Phoenix Rue October 10, 2007
A replacement word. Can be used in almost any way, but usually marks the absence of a sexually oriented word.
A Bold One: Did you see Sarah? I swear she must've been dinting Thomas all day!!

A Smarter One: (hiding it better) You wanna give me your dint after school today??

A Poorer Use: Dint you motherdinter!!
by CaseyEatWorlds April 21, 2010
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