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DHU (Dead Hooker Unit) is a unit of measure. You can use this to measure spaces in trunks, closets and even suite cases.
When at a bachelor party and something very bad happens to the three “Dancers” you will be sure glad you got the full size rental instead of the compact. The Crown Vic has four to six DHU where as the Civic can fit two max, so one would be riding up front. DHUs come in handy at Bachelor parties in Ft Lauderdale, Guys nights and even you occasional trip to the Hard Rock when you win it big.
by OMEN22 September 18, 2009
very silent but powerful fart that can make your mood fucked and even can spoil your entire day
stuff urself with potato chips and samosa and experience the dhus within u.
by kanchachina September 27, 2009
I needed more DHUs, so I bought a minivan.
by BrockLi August 24, 2006
a dirty hook up
a dhu is coming down the street shes fucking dirty
by taylor rae July 10, 2008