A level of intoxication most commonoly associtated with blacking out or breaking things. Originated in the town of potsdam from a three member group of students, Durki Farney Kitto, whom would always display the behavior after drinking lots of natty keg beer.
"dude we totally DFKed joes chair last night what are we gonna do with all the pieces"
"I totally DFKed at the bar last night and woke up with no cloths on"
"lets get DFKed tonight"
by dfk December 16, 2004
Top Definition
deep french kissing
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
A new dubstep DJ in London. Formerly known as Caspa he is now DFK because of problems with people having the same name. He is the best DJ ever!
Person 1: Did you see DFK DJ last night?
Person 2: Of course I did! He was awesome!
by rawrz <3 May 18, 2011
Dance Floor Kidz
The DFK are some sick electro dancers! They represent D*G!
by D*G April 08, 2010
Don't fucking know

Not knowing something and upset that the person that is asking you is too lazy to look it up there selves

Chickenman1: What is the speed on that new AMD Proc?
Goatman: DFK you look it up
by Sethwm2 July 20, 2006
Dirty Fairfield Kids

1.)Dumbasses who are "gnar" and whatnot. 2.)Group of kids who hangout at the Fairfield Skatepark. They like to be dirty and dont really give a fuck.
3.) They're racist.
4.)Thy say they're non-conformists but really they conform to be in DFK.
5.) They drink Carlo Rossi, Pabst Beer, and Mickeys.
6.) "Gnar-Dog-Shred-Kill"
Guy 1: "Dude! Did you see that gnar dude?"
Guy 2: "Yeuh! He's in DFK"
by brainwashed90 April 27, 2009
DFK = DanceFloorKilla

Used in dnb chatrooms. If somebody thinks a drum and bass tune sounds heavy / brutal then the person says its a dfk.
OMG this is a fuckin heavy tuuuuune.DFK DFK DFK!!!!!!!!!!
by L-I-M November 25, 2006
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