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"Don't Forget to Flush". Used in online chat or instant messages whenever someone says brb.
teemo1: i just polished off my 10th rum n coke. brb

screemo2: yeah, dff
by teemo1 September 07, 2010
designated fat friend
1) someone who hangs out with someone else that is much larger then there self
2) someone who is fat and hangs out with skinny people
3) when a skinny girl hangs out with a fat girl to make her look better
hey did you see that dff?
yeah holy shit that bitch was huge but her friend was cute
by Dj slander aka gh0std0g November 14, 2005
Acronym for "Designated Fat Friend"

the D.F.F. is the friend attractive girls bring with them, because the D.F.F. is unattractive, so in terms of relativity (see even hot chicks use einstein) the hot chick looks even hotter.

the D.F.F. tends to believe that if they are hanging out with beautiful people they must also be beautiful. what is important here, is that they are wrong.

the D.F.F. is historically the person with who the "wingman" must "take one for the team"
You: Oh man that chick is fuckin smokin
wingman: hellz yeah son
You: I'm gonna go talk to her, oh wait, she has a D.F.F.
wingman: FUCK
by supersloth March 06, 2006
designated fat friend.
In any group of girls, there usually a couple of hot ones and a token ugly and/or overweight girl, the D.F.F., who supposedly has the best "personality".
Last night the boyz and me went to the bar and met 4 girls. Tony, Mike, and Rob went home with the 3 hot ones and I got stuck with the fucking D.F.F. Man did I take one for the team!
by Nick D February 17, 2003
Drink Fight Fuck
also a well known crew in west yorkshire/york and stoke
all meet in leeds
and are known as the trainstation kids
person1: are you dff?
dff member: nope
by blanchy stuart July 17, 2006
Drink Fight Fuck

A Leeds based crew who do all of the above
Dff Lets go Drink, FIght and Fuck
by DFF July 18, 2006
"Dance floor fingering." The act of fingering a girl on the dance floor in a clandestine manner so as to mask the sexual act amidst the bumping and grinding.
Dude, she was sexy and we were dancin for the longest...I just had to DFF her!"
by Anonymous DFFee July 12, 2006
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