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An alcoholic beverage that is a mixture of Mountain Dew, orange juice and vodka. The mixture can be in whatever proportions the preparer or drinker wish, but is usually 1/3 Dew, 1/3 orange juice, and 1/3 vodka.
Man, this dewdriver is good, I can't even taste the alcohol!
by danis21 May 06, 2009
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Ice, 2 shots of vodka, and Mountain Dew.
A few dew-drivers is a delicious way to get shitfaced.
by jesus w. bush December 26, 2004
A concoction of Mountain Dew, Orange juice, and Vodka.
Dude! I got so fucked up on Dew-Drivers last night, I woke up with your mom.
by Keit and Thom September 25, 2013

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