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(v) devirginlighten: To gain some deeper insight into the meaning of life and human existence at the cost of personal innocence or purity.

(n) devirginlightenment: The state of being devirginlightened. Refers to a very sophisticated and conscious or unchaste and unclothe view of life. A great wisdom.

Younger sister: Last night I saw mom and dad...
Older brother: You've been devirginlightened!

A soldier reached devirginlightened after realizing that war made him into a warped and cruel man.

George Clooney is a dashing older man whose life experience has lead him to devirginlightenment. He has the love and adoration of young women everywhere.

Note: As in the example above, it is often the case that innocent individuals are drawn to devirginlightenment.
by pandam3ch4 November 03, 2006

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