A person who is over confident, cocky and rude. Said person thinks they are better than you at everything even when they arent. This person will spend ample amounts of money just to have something better than you. They think that they are so cool and drive a nice vehicle which mommy and daddy bought them. This person thinks they are so good at everything they reffer to being sponsored by high end companies when they actually spent alot more money when they should of to buy their products. This person thinks they are tough and talk smack about other people, even close friends. This person is unhonest and not trustworthy.
Devin: Man see all this gear, im sponsored.
Devin: Man you wish you could have what i got.

Devin: Dont mess with me, im solid.

Devin: Man see that kid, hes such a loser
(Devin is the real loser)
by dooman69 November 24, 2010
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to have vigorous passion; an endless sexual appetite
He was so devin! He went all niiight looong!
by untitledwoman January 16, 2007
An extremly hot boy that tells cheesy jokes, a total cutie, the boy that everyone at school knows i have completly fallen for, amazing smile, very funny, totaly makes the worst the day the best, the name given to the reason I'm happy 24/7 and am always smiling/laughing but also makes me fairly shy...
the name given to perfection. The one that every guy is jealous of for obvious reason. Thinks he has a great body, and he is so right. Hes so amazing, that your speechless when you see or talk to him.
1: "Wow she sure isn't the same since meeting him"
2: "yeah he must be a total Devin"
by The;Girl January 12, 2009
a person of such class and wisdom that it is unpresidented. A man so veril and powerful to all who dare to cross his path that they have no choice but to fall to their knees and worship the ground he walks on.
please have mercy on us oh great devin of such unknowable forgiveness
by marty_r_x_79 June 07, 2006
A man with a penis that is not only 8.5 inches long but is also about 7 inches around. Devin's never finish too soon or neglect to make a girl orgasm.
Devin and I had a really good weekend.
by Jillie82385 November 03, 2006
Devin is a man that is really educated, has a good head on his shoulders, When you see a Devin walking by don't pass him up or look a way go talk to him cause he is really friendly and very handsome, His sexuality will draw you to him, He is very Musclelin,Strong,Charismatic,Good looking,has your back type of dude, Funny, Intelligent, Overall just a good man that will never let you down and always will be around for you know matter what.
Devin will always tell you the truth even when it hurts.
Devin is a trustful man and will always be true to you no matter what.
by Lovemusic1 June 01, 2010
The name of the most handsome guy in the universe! He's sweet, funny, attractive, and the love of my life! I plan on spending the rest of my blessed life with him, forever and ever. I absolutely love this perfect man =].
Person #1: Are you free tonight?
Person #2: No, I'm hanging out with Devin.
Person #1: LUCKY!
by amberrrrrrrrr February 15, 2009
He is the man, he is a god amongst men. Every guy wants to be like him, and all the ladies want to be with him. Everyone tries to be like him, but none can compare to his sheer awesomeness. If you look up the word perfect in the dictionary, you see his face and his phone number so all the fine ladies to see.
Guy 1: Man, I wish I was just like Devin.

Guy 2: Yeah, me too.

Guy 3: Hey, let's go bask in his awesomeness!

(All of them): YEAH!!!
by Kinky Jinkys March 28, 2007

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