l nickname for a U.S. Marine
Go devil-dogs
#marine #military #grunt #gi #rifleman
by Myers1006 September 09, 2013
The sexual act of defecating on your partners torso, pinching it off, and engaging in non intercourse stimulation until climax is reached, then ejaculates on the scat. Then finish the bowel movement on top of the rest of shit and cum. Forming a devil dog.
Shelby asked if Pedro would give her a runny devil dog.
#devil #dog #sex #shit #pussy #ejaculation #scat
by Big Fat Dong June 17, 2014
when a white man jizzes between a black chicks asscheeks and squishes her asscheeks together
I gave this black chick a devildog last night.
#devildog #black #ass #jizz #alabama hot pocket #rusty trombone
by thatguywhomakesawesomestuff March 18, 2010
When a white person does a black person (guy or girl) doggy style, usually in the ass, resulting in the white person's dick being surrounded by lots of chocolate, and thus resembling the popular pastry treat known as devil dogs. Also known as "devil doggin' it"

It may not be a great idea to say this around U.S. Marines, as they are also called devil dogs; the easy going ones probably won't care, but you may get punched in the face by the homophobic ones who don't want anything to do with sharing a nickname that is also used for a form of anal sex.
Person 1: Yo dude I was just at Lateesha's house last night and her booty was so tight! It was mad good!

Person 2: Cool man, props for devil doggin' it!
#devil dog #booty #ass #pastry #snack #interracial
by SanguineWren June 09, 2011
when a guy fucks a girl in the ass filling his urethra with shit, pulls out and comes in her mouth making a chocolate cream filling much like the devil dog snack
Chad: Dude I tried a Devil Dog with Cindy last night
Gunther: Oh yeah? How'd she take it?
Chad: I'm not sure if puking is a good thing or not, but if it is dude I'm definitely winning
#ass to mouth #fudgepacking #winning #strawberry shortcake #dirty sanchez #cherry garcia #hot carl #blumpkin #abe lincoln #angry dragon
by ElderJewMoonJESUS September 14, 2011
A word commonly used by U.S. Marines to "talk down" on someone. Lately the word has lost it's original meaning, and now it is concidered a degrating insult to most of the younger generation of Marines. This is a result of those higher up in the chain of command, using the term to adress those who are about to get in trouble. This has also been seen in the navy with the term Shipmate.
"Hey, Devil Dog! Pick up that trash!" "I got Devil Dogged while i was walking to my car this morning." "Don't you Devil Dog me!"
#marine #leatherneck #jarhead #shipmate #grundle
by Grundlebot5000 May 17, 2008
when a black stripper takes a white dick in between her ass cheeks and gives him a lap dance
Wah! Lunchbox (nickname for chubby kid) got a devil dog at Playa's Club
#lunch box #playa's #stripper #dick #ass
by The Cookies Rass April 20, 2009
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