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The devil's dick is a frozen tube of sperm rather than just a shot glass that can be inserted into a gay man prior to intercourse. The sexy part is the amount of sperm it takes and the fact that the melting cum becomes a lubricant for the major sex act.
Before the gang bang started Johnnie was lubricated with a long Devil's dick lovingly prepared over weeks by Tim.
by happy bottom July 11, 2006
The act of freezing a large amount of cum (usually in a shot glass) and then inserting it in an ass, thereby getting fucked by it.
In the porn movie the guy got fucked by a devil's dick.
by Gay November 02, 2004
When a condom full of semen from multiple gay men is frozen and then inserted into the rectum to defrost.
Rich removed the devils dick from the freezer and slid it up his ass.
"It's like all the pleasure of getting gang fucked without all the hard work" said Rich.
by Z11 June 26, 2011
A contemptible, crude, horrible person
After all I've done for you, I don't deserve to be treated like the devil's dick!
by Plasmaguy October 02, 2015
the end of a crack pipe that you puff the smoke out of.
puffin on the devils dick again? sucking it up good man.
by Ax2damfnfield May 18, 2010
What you call your dick after you fuck a girl while she's on her period, and your dick gets caked in blood.
"Yo, I got a devil's dick yesterday after fucking Stephanie."

-"Ewww, I can't believe you fucked yo gurl while she was on her period."
by Orpheus1 November 01, 2012
Devil's dick, aka "Devil's Diner" at Arizona State University is a "restaurant" that produces some of the worst food, service, and atmosphere known to man. The employees include convicted felons, one-armed immigrants, and potentially recovering heroin addicts. Meals at Devil's Dick consist of the lowest quality frozen ingredients available and take no less than 20 minutes to be served. The food here makes McDonald's
Dimitri: "Bro I feel terrible, I think I got salmonella from the quesedilla at Devil's Dick"

Sam: "That's awesome, you're the 9th person this week!"
by an asu student November 08, 2009
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