An urban renewal project in process

The flyest neighborhoods

North Linwood (Where I'm from)
South Linwood
Central Linwood
Pilgrim Villagw
Pilgrim Village
Southwest Detroit
Viginia Park
East English Village
Old Redford
North Rosedale Park
Franklin Park
Detroit, Michigan...the home of Midwest Records
by DzNutz May 22, 2004
Thee home of Rock and Roll! The greatest city, ever. Everyone who tries to bring it down can burn in hell. We're supposed to be bigger than Gaycago. The home of the best cars in the world, Detroit Muscle cars. Home of the greatest hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings! Home of the greatest company: GM! Home of the greatest morning show, Drew and Mike. Home of Carhartt, the best pop ever, Faygo, and the greatest potato chips, ever, Better Made.
There aint no party like a Detroit party cos a Detroit don't stop! BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!
by Sparty November 08, 2004
Lions, Tigers, and Pistons; OH MY!
The national sports teams in Detroit kick ass. Detroit Tigers rule!
by Turd Burgaler June 29, 2005
Detroit is the home of many things. Homeless, Cars, Drugs, unwed pregnant teenagers,gangs, drugs, crime, murder, theft, shootings./ Imagine it and you'll see it in Detroit. But yet youve gotta think...If its so fuckin terrible why do so many people live there? There are nice parts of Detroit,contrary to popular belief. After all those things that supposedly go on..I am still proud to say i live near Detroit, home of Ford motors.
P1: Where do you live?
P2: Detroit baby!
P1: live in the ghetto then?Shot anyone lately?
P2: Hell No!
by DETROIT LCVA April 05, 2005
One of the few places in the United States that is situated north of Canada.
"Who says the US is south of Canada? Detroit's farther north than Windsor, buddy."
by AdMiCa April 05, 2006
A city that is better known as the baby momma capitol.
High crime, drugs, an over inflated budget deficit, and lack of child support payments are key elements that are keeping Detroit from being a World Class City.
by Mr. Dwayne February 03, 2005
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