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removing your name (tag) from a photo on facebook
"so horrifically embarrassingly drunk last night, had to detag like a fiend this morning"
by Allumette January 06, 2008
The act of removing any connection one has with a ‘tagged’ photo on Facebook by clicking the ‘remove-tag’ link which appears under the photo.
This is usually done when the person tagged in the photo is drunk, partially naked, making a horrible face, or all of the above.
“Oh my gosh - James posted the worst picture of me from last night - I had to de-tag it!”
by M. J. August 05, 2007
Verb (it's what you do)
1) The act of removing one's self, usually represented as a label or a tag, from a facebook picture that either depicts the individual under incriminating circumstances or being inebriated while doing something humiliating.
2) The act of coining a weird word like "detag" just so you can sound even remotely cool. Well, this person in particular is cool, regardless.
3) This might actually be a weird Facebook jargon I'm completely unaware of. bad!
Hieu had some pretty revealing pictures of himself on facebook, in which some idiot tagged -- so now the whole world knows about his dirty little secrets. Then he talked to Christine about it and she threw out the word "detag" so that I can untag myself. Problem solved.
by Christine Buiiiiiiii December 18, 2008
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