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when you have been at your desk so long that your ass hurts.so you have to quit working - and play Afroman.
... it usually occurs about 4:20 am, after you've been there way too long - so long that you can no longer be productive, unless you consider defining words on the Urban dictionary productive - so you may as well give it up, and play the Afroman Classic, "because I got high", just for a chuckle to remind you you've done enough for one day!

I got "desk booty" it is time to "blow this pop stand" ! Oh, but first, let me listen to my favorite silly song, lol and Dance or draw.

The act of selecting which favorite song is generally a draw between Afroman and Shel Silverstein's classic - I got stoned and I missed it. Both of which are good to play late at night for all the people who have been out the whole time you have been working! stick a fork in me tater!

Then, ironically, Slim Shady, please stand up comes on - the ultimate hint! lmao - and I'm out
by Coop Keeper November 16, 2013