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The friend that leaves the bar first pretending to be drunk and unable to walk, let alone drive. He draws the attention of the officer laying-in-wait so the rest of his buddies (who probably *are* drunk) can escape unnoticed.
After your buddy passes the breathalyzer test with a 0.0 blood-alcohol level, the puzzled officer asks, "Sir, I saw you stumble out of that bar like you were under the influence, just asking to be pulled over. Are you nuts?"

"No sir," he answers, "I'm the designated decoy."
by robzilla September 27, 2005
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A person leaving a bar sober, but appearing very drunk, going out and sitting in his car in full view of the cops, to distract them from noticing other people who were leaving who were not sober.
"We should be safe to drive tonight, we have a designated decoy!"
by oswood April 24, 2010
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The one sober person at a party or bar who leaves first acting like a complete drunk fool to divert law inforcement attention so the rest of the ppl who are actually drunk can leave without fear of persecution.
James is gonna be the Designated Decoy tonight so the rest of us are free to get completely shit-house drunk.
by Newt76 October 10, 2007
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The Designated decoy, is a person that remains sober but acts drunk, speeds, and swerves making the cops think that they are drunk. During this thoughtless act, which happens after closing, he/she gets the cops to follow him/her or pull them over allowing the real drunks to stumble away safely.
You guys owe me from being the last dd (Designated Decoy). Last time I got pulled over by the cops for an hour while they made me do every sobriety test known to man. At least everyone was able to swerve home safely!
by Derek Stout August 16, 2007
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