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der·stand (der-stand)
v. der·stood, (-std) der·stand·ing, der·stands

1. To not understand; to un-understand.

2. To not perceive or comprehend the nature and significance of; to not grasp. Antonym is to apprehend.
1. To not grasp or comprehend the meaning intended or expressed by (another): They have trouble with English, and thus I derstand them.

2. To not know and be intolerant or unsympathetic toward: I derstand your point of view and even if I understood, I would disagree with it.

3. To infer: I derstand why you are staying the night. Get the hell out of my bed.

4. To not accept (something) as an agreed fact: It is derstood that the fee will be 50 dollars, you did a shoddy job.
by Starla Buh December 06, 2006
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