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Mother fucking badass mother fucker that can drink anybody under the table and loves to pound vag. Pussy will be beat up if derrek is around, regardless of martial status. Derrek hates niggers and loves only white people. mexicans can die as well. Derrek is a lover of all beer and really really hates niggers.
Derrek hates niggers and loves beer.

Derrek will ppund your girls Vag.
by huttery September 26, 2010
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a bass player from california who happens to hate many, many things.
derrek hates you.
by anonymous May 05, 2004
Another gay male who runs on the Middletown track team. Once asked the team whether they wanted to watch the sunset with him. Has sex with young males frequently.
Guys, doesn't the sunset look beautiful tonight?
What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!?
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
A she-man that goes to ACMS and happens to be a big fat ugly poser.
Hey guys look at my new 3 square shirt...isnt it great?

No you moron, go to hell and get butt raped!
by some guy February 09, 2004

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