To be put in the friend zone.
Damn it, I just got derelicted
#friend zone #derelict #relationship #robert #chen
by Firewalll May 23, 2011
Top Definition
a fashion; a way of life inspired by homeless, vagrants,and crack whores
howard, you look derelicted out with that hole in your shoe.
by pabs momoney September 06, 2005
1. A friend.

2. The path of becoming a friend.
Person A: Yo I heard he slept on top of you, naked.
Girl B: Nah, he's just derelicte.

Person A: Yo bro what happened to that shawty?
Guy B: I got derelicted, bro :(
#derelicte #derelicted #derrrlicte #direlicte #dirilicte
by johnnycupcakes May 24, 2011
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