Top Definition
The amazing drummer of From First To Last.
Is also in The Color of Violence with fftl guitarist Travis Richter.
Also, Dereks current girlfriends name is Sommer.
Was born in California.
Derek Bloom has the most gorgeous eyes. <33
#from first to last #drummer #sonny moore #matt good #travis richter #amazing eyes
by wowthatshardcore August 21, 2006
The awesome sexy drummer of 'from first to last'
he has the sexiest voice ever
and the sexiest smile
he is talented, and amazing, and cute as a button
"derek bloom had killer drumming last night"

"i know he's amazing, and have you seen his smile!"
#talented #sexiest #amazing #sexy #cute
by GunsGoBang July 11, 2006
Drummer for the post-hardcore band, From First to Last.
who's derek bloom?
he plays in FFTL
#from #first #to #last #derek blom
by meganie June 27, 2006
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