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Travis Richter is one out of the two guitarists for the band From First To Last.He also screams and does the vocals when Sonny Moore isn't around.(for whatever reason)
He's also in another band called "The Color Of Violence" With FFTl's drummer Derek Bloom.
He's born in 1981. (You do the math)
Teenie: OmG! sOnNeEh!! *orgasms*
Me: HEEY! theres is Travis Richter, Derek Bloom and Matt Good too you know
FFTL Fan: have you seen the last concert?
FFTL Fan2: Yes! I was infront and had a good view of Travis it rocked!
#from first to last #music #hardcore #fan #guitarist
by xx_Heroine July 12, 2006
One of the guitarists for the band From First To Last. As well as playing guitar, he screams. Is also in The Color of Violence with From First To Lasts drummer, Derek Bloom. He is currently 23 and dating a girl named Lauren.
Travis Richter needs more love!
#from first to last #guitarist #talented #sonny moore #matt good #derek bloom
by wowthatshardcore August 21, 2006
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