Slang mainly used by snowboarders to refer to the light fluffy "powder" snow. Normally starts with an aposterphy ('Der). Some call itpow
Dude, lets go surf the 'Der
by BiG nELLs January 23, 2005
der = simply means there, as "in there it is." also dersda can be used which means "there is the"
sortza bifta der kid.
by kyle harper March 15, 2004
Deutsch für "the." Anwendung finden als ein männlich wörter.

"Der" is a German word used for "the." As with most old, European languages, there are sex tenses in German. Der, in this case, is masculine; pronounced much like the word, "dare." It's not pronounced as "dur," as many retarded ignoramouses claim.
Ich bin der über Amerikaner.
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006
one of the three ways to say "the" in the ridiculous language know as german
ich habe der mann geschlägt (i hit "the" dude)
by collne February 13, 2005
a word randomly used in place of words such as umm, ugh, uh. can be multi purposed though. also used in place of no shit, duh, and a sarcastic really.
Der, I need some weiner
by Jeska February 15, 2004
meaning to go over "there" but in a slangish way or when typing simply just too lazy to type it
hey fapman look over der
by sal June 16, 2006
Something you say when you're retarded and don't know what else to say.
Joe: Wow that was akward.
Brent: Yeah......der
by Christian W. April 11, 2006

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