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The opposite of pantsing someone. To pants is to pull one's pants down, and to depants is to pull the pants back up. Common knowledge..
Liz: Let's go pants him!
Lily: Ok, then after, I will go depants him!
Liz: Sounds like a plan, Stan!
by Lizgiiahsehlkasjd April 23, 2013
To forcibly remove another's trousers.
After depantsing Amanda, I had my way with her.
by rowdy roddy January 27, 2003
the hasty removal of underwear prior to a naked run
I expect Russ will be the first to de-pant, he's usually not too shy
by Trevor Morris Daniels September 24, 2010
process of removing panties prior to sex
when my lust could take no more i de-panted her slowly as she raised her buttocks in the direction of my cock
by Chuckles83 April 21, 2006
the stupid idiotic mountain folk versoin of pantsing.
I got sent to the principle's office for trying to pants someone. he told me depantsing hurts people's self-esteem
by Sprokett May 09, 2006