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A word commonly used by RayLi, Larry, and Daniel to describe acts of stupidness and dumbness. People like Crystal and Iris are common examples.
Crystal!! Milk comes from COWS not supermarkets! Stop being dense!!
by Dszeto123 July 10, 2008
something rad, gnarly, cool
by butthole1961 November 15, 2011
adj. used to describe people who..would laugh at dumb shit, has slow brain processing, is always red,talks shit about strangers behind their backs, blonde.

Synonyms: blonde, paris hilton, britney

oh and probably has down syndrome also.
C Au.! milk comes from COWS not the supermakets!! stop being dense!
by Teee Heee July 10, 2008
awkward(relating to the fealing of the air durring and after a awkward moment), overly complex, too much in to little time. Also realating to an extreemly harsh insult (preferably a quick come back)
My Biology home work was "dense". Their realationship is "dense". OOOOO that burn was "dence"!
by Mikey B and John D November 30, 2007
A word used to rip off inexperienced potheads.
Dealer: Here you go man.
Pothead: Are you sure this is an eighth?
Dealer: Yea,it's really dense man.
Pothead: Well let me whip out my scale. (Places nugs on scale. Scale reads 2.7g.
Dealer: I'm sure it's dried a little.
Pothead: Yeah right. (Knocks dealer to the floor)
by Twibbix September 19, 2004
To decribe an attractive female
Godboy, that bird is dense. Like, proper dense y'know.
by Hofftastic December 20, 2006