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verb(1) - the act of doing massive amounts of drugs and while high, being a pro at basketball

verb(2) - the act of taking a leg kick clutch layup, while jumping as high as you can, which is absolutely not necessary

verb(3) - the act of taking a black two-point field goal, also known as a "LONNNNNGGGGGGG TWO"

adjective - having a black tendency

noun - Phat Chris 3v1 gears clutch tage, sometimes just refered to as "Phat Chris" or "PurpIexX"
Denounplex just 2piece'd, chainsaw'd, and oneshotted a guy all at the same time.

Aaron there is absolutely no need for a denounplex shot, now GO GET IT!

Denounplex for three

Brandon went up to me in the halls, melee'd me, and yelled, "YOUR ASS!" (denounplex)
by KarDiNaL October 26, 2008