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The combination of squint and frown/smile, and usually coupled with brisk nodding of the head. Direct eye-contact is paramount.
Best man:"During the toast, that was totally a joke about me doin' the bride before you did.... hope I didn't cross the line bro." Groom: with a deniroface;" Little bit, crossed it a little bit."
by ronchee 1 3 December 18, 2012
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an award for something well done
usually consisting of a thumbs up and a grin similar to one Robert Deniro would make if he was impressed.
friend1: "hey check it out i discovered a way to turn water into gasoline"
friend2: "thats amazing we'll never need to pay for gas again!!!"
friend3: i think he deserves a deniro face
by Keegan Orange June 22, 2005
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The act of trying to imitate Robert De Niro's most famous facial expression. Can be used in situations when someone is accusing you of something, and you find the accusation to be absurd or preposterous.
Mother: "Where have you been?!"

Boy: *De Niro Face* "What? Are you talking to me? You have no goddamn right to question me, bitch! Get your god damn ass in bed before I beat your fucking head in!"
by Thadus June 22, 2011
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