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dengu ninnu denguthanu.I shall fuck you fuckintercourse nee puku denguthanu. I shall fuck your cunt
vadu ninnemi denguthadu,is a telugu word.
related to fuck,coit,copulate,sexual intercourse.in telugu so many meanings are there.
Nenu Ninnu Denguthanu . It is a telugu word
gattiga dengu, fuck hardly, nee puku denga, nee gudda denga,
by ds.suryanarayana July 19, 2010

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dork douchebag idiot loser meathead
a general insult, a good replacement for overused insults like douchebag
nice hat you dengus
by Tesla Death Ray September 20, 2010
(N.) A code name for weed when your in public.
In a crowded area: Hey Jim, hit that dengus already you ganther!
by JIM BOWER December 12, 2011
an insult, a great replacement to mix it up for overused insults like douche (douchbag).
Bill Amis and Bo Barnes are such a denguse's.
by nezinitis November 03, 2010