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1.that guy from the Pokemon anime, who is blind. Or someone glued his eyes shut. Or he doesn't have any. Either way, his face is shaped like a fucking octagon.

2. Or when you pretend to walk around with your eyes shut, when really they're slightly open. Which may or may not be the case of Brock...
1. Brock:"Why the fuck don't I have eyes?"

2. "Wait a minute Ted, your eyes weren't closed, you was pulling a Brock!"
by Dr.Octillary April 12, 2011
a mosquito infection, often causing diarrea and fever.
When Jimmey was asked about his dengue, he said 'It was like a race out of my tooshie and everybody won.
by Dr.Octillary March 06, 2011
someone believing in no religion and or afterlife.
Because Susie was an atheist, she was not bothered by the other students chanting "Go to hell Susie! Go to hell!"
by Dr.Octillary April 08, 2011
the chinese lottory
Zhang Zoo won the pakapoo and got his family out.
by Dr.Octillary March 26, 2011

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