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One who has an eternal and undying hatred for evil in HUMAN BEINGS only. The desire to kill, dismay, hurt, and despise humans who are evil. This means, assholes, rapists, thieves, murderers, wife beaters, child molesters, robbers, drug dealers, capitalist titans, the greedy, and of course ASSHOLES, that goes for females too. The Demonopath has a true rage for evil in human beings, and will snap at any given time if they come in contact with a human being like this who tries to hurt them, a friend, or somebody in their family. Demonopaths are NOT to be fucked with if you ARE or ARE affiliated with those who flare this kind of evil, that person or persons WILL be at risk!
Stacy: "Hey Tom might be coming tonight, omg he's soooo cute.!"
Lindsay: "Yeah but he's such an assholeee! Don't you remember what he did to that girl he used to go out with?!"
Stacy: "Omg that was soooo long agooo."
Lindsay: "Plus, i'm bringing my friend Dan from home, he's like a straight up demonopath!"
Stacy: "Are you serious? So he's like a psycho?!"
Lindsay: "No you asshole, he'll kill anyone who causes people pain!"
Stacy: "Oh.."
by D3VIANT September 06, 2010
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