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A Demoncracy is a government elected by and ran in the service of demons. Usually not an original government because to be legal a current democracy has to unanimously sell their souls and vote to sell the citizens souls to a band of demons in order to establish the demoncracy. The leadership is structured around The Daddy (top) The Bitch (vice) & War Daddy (military) followed by The Nobodies who make noise and entertain the citizens.
It sure was a sad day when the US government decided to sell out and become a Demoncracy.
by saharadryhumor November 16, 2014
Perpetual government by an evil ruling elite though with a facade of apparent democracy.
"Whoever you vote for, the government always wins"

"Yeah man, what's the point of that elections shit in a demoncracy?"
by phlegmy February 02, 2012
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