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Deltrice. Often comes in the form of a young teenage male, with greacy blonde hair and peperoni skin. He usually smells bad, and has a bad temper. He has mental issues, and enjoys beating helpless girls up, usually in public. He has no shame about his women beating habits, and admits to them, and says he will probably do it again. He is a hoe, dumbass, and is most likely to be gay x2. Enjoys anal Sex. Also enjoys eating his own pimples, and picking his ear wax ... mostly during class, or in public places. He is usually alone, or with black girls. Woman jumper, goes from girl to girl, and likes to poke people in inapropriate places. And did i mention he is a woman beater? Another common name for Deltrice is Brandon. He also likes to suck big fat dicks.
Wow that guy is such a deltrice, he punched me in the face. Wow, look, hes deltricing the shit out of them pimples
by Del-tree-se January 20, 2014
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