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A fool.
Someone who does something stupid, and or idiotic.
The weatherman called for high 70's and now it's snowing. What a delkus.
Don't be a delkus!
by drewbie April 01, 2005
A measure of good or bad based on a sliding scale called the "Delkus Index". The Delkus Index works much like a golf score in that the lower the score, the more desirable the thing being measured. The D-Index measures from a +10 (highly undesirable) to a -10 (highly desirable). The rare "zero-Delkus" score occurs when a situation is equally good and bad. Named after Pete Delkus, a local meteorologist who had a promising career as a minor league pitcher but now spends time miscalculating the weather for a Dallas news channel.
"What did you think of that movie?"
"Mad Delkus, bro. Bad acting, bad special effects and too much chick-flick crap. I might hit that with a +8 on the D-I."
by Chucky Sly November 19, 2007
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