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A great book and great movie that has been reduced to a line of viscerally disturbing dialogue. This movie did for homophobia what "Saturday Night Fever" did for disco.
Mountain Man: What do you want to do now?
Toothless Man: Grinning He's got a real pretty mouth on him, don't he?
Mountain Man: I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee.
by mandingoe May 18, 2004
The act of being Ned Beatty'd in the woods, forced to squeal like a pig, by toothless, inbred hillbillies.
"I was on a pleasant canoe trip when i stopped to take a rest in the woods, to my horror there was a large hill-man with a shotgun. He forced me to squeal like a pig as he sodomized me. It was horrible, horrible deliverance."
by Tentius September 23, 2003
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