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An honorable accomplishment children throughout Delaware County strive for. The delco triple crown involves 3 stages. The first is winning a region 25 championship (preferably in football, basketball or baseball--track and field is not really a sport, more along the lines of a way to practice exercise).

The second step in the Crown is two pronged-one must first survive the delco minute by choosing not to become a j crew catholic, and then winning a Philadelphia Catholic League Title at one of the Catholic High Schools in Delaware County.

If one successfully completes the first two legs in the race for the crown, he is eligible to attempt the final part in his pursuit of the crown. This phase is two fold as well-first, the potential winner must gain admission to a Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) College or University. If the candidate is accepted, and enrolls, he or she must then win a PSAC league championship.

Winning a title at all 3 of these levels is extremely difficult and competitive, and an admirable feat.
"And Millersville wins the pennant! And Millersville wins the pennant! Millersville has won the pennant! Eamon McGuire hits a 3 run shot to defeat West Chester, and Millersville has won the pennant! McGuire is now a winner of the Delco Triple Crown. A region 25 baseball champion at St. Eugene, A PCL Football Championship for Dan Algeo at Cardinal O'Hara, and now a PSAC baseball title at Millersville! McGuire is one for the ages and has cemented his name in Delaware County lore by capturing a delco triple crown
by boss hamilton January 09, 2012
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