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The science of using your foreskin as a cup to drink out of. Invented by Robert Benfer on the podcast Chaos Pony for the segment "Robert Invents a Word."
Robert: I think delatraptitionalisation should be taught in schools.
Jason: Yeah, cause yknow, sometimes you end up without a cup.
Chris: Well at least you could say "I have a Big Gulp."
by captain_e June 28, 2011
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The Science of using your foreskin as a cup.

Created by Robert Benfer (Aka Knox) On episode 17 of his "weekly" podcast, Chaos Pony. (Feat. Jason Steel and Chris Alex)
I wish Delatraptitionalisation were taught in schools, because then I could delatrap.
by beastmode1000000000 June 28, 2011

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