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usually refers to a person - someone who is hilarious when delirious
Wow, Sarah is delarious when she hasnt slept in a while.
by xmjx June 26, 2007
7 1
Halarious, Full of engergy(hyper), Obnoxious, Full of exitment.
Manda was delarious at the school dance last night.
by Lizzie Dvorkin January 28, 2008
7 4
When you've stayed up for so long and you experience a state of delirium where you say the first thing that comes to your mind. Usually the person doesn't edit themselves and it's absolutely hilarious.
Ex: 1

Girl 1 "Oh my God and then Shelly was li...."

Girl 2 "You know what... you're a bitch and I don't really care what Shelly said, because I'm tired"

Girl 3 "Hah! That was Delarious! She really is a bitch!"

Ex: 2

Guy 1 "Hey I've never been in Virginia before"

Guy 2 "I hear it's nice and warm"

Tired Guy "Oh wow! I thought I was the only one who hasn't been in a Vagina!"

Guy 1 "Dude that was Delarious! We said Virginia..."

Tired Guy "That's what I meant... VIRGINIA... Duh... I've been in a lot of vaginas..."
by sublimegirl209 September 04, 2012
2 2