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usually refers to a person - someone who is hilarious when delirious
Wow, Sarah is delarious when she hasnt slept in a while.
by xmjx June 26, 2007
Halarious, Full of engergy(hyper), Obnoxious, Full of exitment.
Manda was delarious at the school dance last night.
by Lizzie Dvorkin January 28, 2008
When you've stayed up for so long and you experience a state of delirium where you say the first thing that comes to your mind. Usually the person doesn't edit themselves and it's absolutely hilarious.
Ex: 1

Girl 1 "Oh my God and then Shelly was li...."

Girl 2 "You know what... you're a bitch and I don't really care what Shelly said, because I'm tired"

Girl 3 "Hah! That was Delarious! She really is a bitch!"

Ex: 2

Guy 1 "Hey I've never been in Virginia before"

Guy 2 "I hear it's nice and warm"

Tired Guy "Oh wow! I thought I was the only one who hasn't been in a Vagina!"

Guy 1 "Dude that was Delarious! We said Virginia..."

Tired Guy "That's what I meant... VIRGINIA... Duh... I've been in a lot of vaginas..."
by Sinful Divinity September 04, 2012
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