1.) Getting up from the toilet seat after expunging a number 2 from your biological records and looking in the toilet bowl to behold what is seemingly the same load you dumped off some time ago in the past, yet can't quite remember exactly when. Color, texture, and all dimensions seem to be the exact same. Even the light, room ambiance, and temperature are all eerily familiar.

Not to be confused with the "Green apple quick steps", or the "Backyard trots". These are both synonyms for diarrhea. And it does not take a mystique to correlate enough facts to surmise that when undergoing this painful and dehydrating experience, the results of one's bowel movements are typically consistent in all areas.

Deja-Poo applies strictly and solely to the solid stuff.
Dude #1: I don't know what is going on, but I could swear that load I just dropped off was the same exact one I pinched 3 weeks ago last Sunday. Or wwas it 2 months ago last Friday? Everything was the same man, this shit is crazy...

Dude #2: It's called Deja-Poo bro. I experience it at least once quarterly. So don't feel special or anything.
by The Big Fuzz April 22, 2010
Top Definition
The undeniably eerie feeling that you've seen all this shit before.
The undeniably eerie feeling that you've seen all this shit before. ;->
by Apathetic Care Bear January 31, 2005
The rare occasion that occurs right after you take a dump, where once you leave the restroom, you feel the need to take another dump.
Ever since I had those Jalapenos, I've been having Deja Poo.
by xaero7 November 21, 2009
The eerie, inescpapable feeling that this shit has happened to you before.
Man, serious deja-poo. I know this exact same shit has happened to me before.
by Robert C. Wilson August 24, 2005
When you take a dump and recognize food in it that you ate a few days ago.
Dude, I just had a Deja Poo. I haven't eaten corn for like three days!
by iwritestuffnigga September 05, 2009
sometimes it just feels like the same old crap all over again
Our new account manager just introduced himself and I had that distinct feeling of deja poo.
by trep420 September 10, 2009
Terd that reappears after you flush the toilet
"I had to flush twice, because I experienced deja poo"
by rberlow September 06, 2009
When a homosexual male takes a dump that reminds him of an ex-boyfriend.

The Memory Lanus
Bruce realized he was finally over Doug after taking a good Deja-poo.
by aggrobot October 18, 2006
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