The meaning of a word
The definition of "definition" is the meaning of a word
by Dorian Stormcloak Grey January 25, 2012
what you are reading right now
This sentence is an example of the word, "definition."
by pseudonym1.0 December 15, 2009
The definition of a word.
Q: What is the definition of definition?
A: The definition of a word
by Sherlock of the Creek July 11, 2003
what ppl put on this site y'all
it's fun to make definitions on this site
by loco asshole February 17, 2005
To clarify the meaning of words used in a language.
The definition of the word run is to move your legs back and forth quickly. :D
by Hussain Raja February 11, 2006
A definition is "a statement conveying fundamental character;" if something fulfills a definition of a thing, this fulfillment is what causes it to be categorized as that thing; to define something is to give a definition for the thing concerned.
Go to
by AYN RAND IS 1337 LYK WHOA April 02, 2005
the clarity of outline
what is the meaning of the word definition?
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004

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