An account of a thing's essence. A thing's definition consists of its genus and differentia.
What is the definition of "man"?
"Man is a rational animal." Animal is the genus, and rational is the differentia.
by Suhcnele July 31, 2010
A statement of the meaning of a term. The term to be defined is the definiendum. The term may have different senses and multiple meanings. For each meaning, definiens is a cluster of words that defines that term.

A definition will vary in aspects like precision or popularity. There are also different types of definitions with different purposes and focuses (e.g. intensional, extensional, descriptive, stipulative, and so on).

A chief difficulty in the management of definitions is the necessity of using other terms that are already understood or whose definitions are easily obtainable or demonstrable (e.g. a need, sometimes, for ostensive definitions).

A dictionary definition typically contains additional details about a word, such as an etymology and the language or languages of its origin, or obsolete meanings.
"What is the definition of cat?"
by iloveyooh! October 22, 2014
Yo, from the first to the last of it, delivery is passionate.

The whole and not the half of it, vocab and not the math of it.

Projectile that them blasted with, accurate assassin shit.
Lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd, lawd have mercy
All nice and decent crew, follow me now, we say
Say Hi-Tek yes you're ruling hip-hop
Say J. Rawls yes you're ruling hip-hop
Redefinition say you're ruling hip-hop
Say Black Star come to rock it non...
by Thomas Jefferson The Prez September 09, 2010

1. A description of the word, including what it means, what type of speech it is, how to pronounce it, and an example. It usually also contains synonyms and, if the word has any, antonyms.

2. The noun of the word, define.

Pl. definitions
1. A dictionary has a definition for nearly every word.

2. Susie: Could you define that word please?

Cody: Yes, please give a definition.
by LatiosMaster June 27, 2013
A thing that should be short and sweet. Nobody has time to read long ass ones
uptherabbithole: love the short definitions

Spaceman_Spiff: i beg to differ
by Spaceman_Spiff May 16, 2009
It is what it is.
Definition? Shit... It is what it is, homie.
by Joe Zafro December 25, 2011
Dumbass: Can you define Definition
No-Life: Fuck You *walks away*
12 Year Old: Dude, just go on Urban Dictionary.
Dumbass: Whats that?
12 Year Old: Where us "Mature" "teens" like to look up immature words that make us giggle and sometimes masterbate afterwards. <-- definition
16 Year Old: Use a Dictionary bro.
by R1CK R0LL3D January 03, 2011

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