related to the latin word "fenestrare" (to contain windows), it refers to pushing, shoving, or throwing someone, or something, out a window. It is commonly mistaken for a sexual act because of its popularity on's superpoke application.
Paul got so pissed at his computer at work, he defenestrated it, nearly killing the elderly woman in the courtyard.
by Alexis Smith December 06, 2007
To uninstall Windows from one's computer and install a functional OS such as Linux.

(The original, classical definition of this term is "to throw something through a window". )
"I'm so sick of my laptop running so slowly, I'm going to defenestrate it and install Ubuntu!"
by Hugh Mannity October 27, 2009
Yes, it's a real word. From the Latin "De Fenestra", or "Of the window", to defenestrate something is the act of throwing a noun, usually a tangible, physical entity, out of one.
Yeah, none of these IT solutions are working... What's that? Defenestrate it? Isn't that a bit harsh?
by Dion the Unstable November 08, 2010
To Throw out the Window, something MR. HAUPT threatens us with daily. His classroom is on the 2nd floor
John: You mean 2+3=8?
MR. Haupt: Dont make me defenestrate you
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
1- to throw out of a window.
2- to switch from MS windows to Linux, Mac OS, or another operating system. As in 'throwing' yourself away from Windows.
3- bluescreen of death. As in the user is thrown out of Windows.
1- The teacher defenestrated the talkative boy's pencil case because he was sick of his constant chatter in class.
2- I defenestrated to Mac OSX recently. Screw M$
3- My computer crashed and defenestrated me. Again.
by Archibald Graham March 01, 2007
to eject someone from a window
"piss me off and i shall defenestrate you"
"we wouldn't want anything happening to your fenestrates now would we
by Rex Mundi January 28, 2004
The act of throwing someone or something out of a window.
Helga: "What did you just do Bobby?!"
Bobby: "What can't I defenestrate my trash out on to the highway?"
Helga: "Are you retarded?! That's called littering, we could be fined!"
(Cue the police)
by Painthetownfred February 02, 2010

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